• Expect a Mircale – White Druzy Ring

New and improved Expect A Miracle Rings....they are adjustable to fit most finger sizes.

I hand pick every Druzy for these rings...they all shimmer with lots of color...they all are incredibly magical.  One of my favorite pieces...

I designed my “Expect A Miracle” Rings to remind us in every moment we are creating. Our thoughts become our reality…

I want everyone to remember and to know that anything is possible. Miracles DO happen.

I love meeting the women who buy these rings…listening to what their Miracle is. For some….it’s their own health, or the health of a loved one, an easy childbirth, success, financial freedom, finding their soulmate. Every journey is different, yet all connected.

When we go about our day Knowing that a Miracle (without being attached to the outcome...this is the most important part), our Miracle is happening…it shifts our reality…opens our hearts…and gives the Miracle space to happen....

Expect a Mircale – White Druzy Ring

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